Sports Practice


b1oke works with sports club running mental health awareness workshops with all players and members.  This is delivered by men with lived experienced as well as trained mental health professionals.  b1oke will then train members of the club to be mental health ambassadors and champions.  Our aim is that every sporting club has a b1okes that are equipped and ready to help their mates. 



The workplace is one of the main contributors to stress and also the place we spend the most time in (we still do albeit virtually). The first step to a healthy workspace is to provide mental health education and awareness to all staff.   We will also work with line managers and mental health champions to help identify and understand the first signs of mental health issues, open conversations and provide advice and signpost further support.  

art intro


Recent studies into running art workshops for people with a various mental health issues have led to some startling results. 71% decrease in feelings of anxiety and a 73% fall in depression; 76% of participants said their wellbeing increased and 69% felt more socially included.  b1oke is running workshops with established artists and health professionals.  These are run virtually for now.  Contact us for more information.  

Eating Cereal


Keep The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes.  You can't get rid of, or avoid, the things or the people that enrage you, nor can you change them, but you can learn to control your reactions.  b1oke runs workshops aimed at understanding your anger and learning how to control it.  



Keep Cooking at home is good for your mental health because is an act of patience, mindfulness, an outlet for expression, a means of communication and helps raise your self worth as you doing something positive for.  b1oke has partnered with award winning chefs that will empower you with everyday kitchen skills that will benefit you and your mental health.  

Outdoor Exercise


Keep b1oke will soon be running online wellbeing programmes that are aimed at keeping your body and mind active during this extended lockdown period. Initial videos/classes will be aimed at school aged children who are missing out on vital a physical activity.   This will so be followed by workshops aimed at adults and a mixture of abilities. 

We will update this page when they are live.  

Plumber at Work


b1oke has teamed up with qualified tradesmen who will be running a series of workshops to improve your handyman skills around the house. This will help improve your self worth and help contribute around the house.  Once lockdown is over we will be running these sessions in our workshop.