Why do we need to focus on men's mental health - lets look at the numbers.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Record numbers of men are taking their own lives and many never reach out for help - why is that?

  1. One man every 2 hours in the UK take his own life

  2. One man every 2 minutes globally take his own life

  3. Suicide is the number one cause of death of men under 35

  4. Men are 3 times more likely to be alcohol dependent

  5. Only 36% of referrals to psychological therapies are men

  6. 73% of people who go missing are men

  7. 87% of rough sleepers are men

  8. Men report significantly lower life satisfaction particularly with those aged 45-59

  9. 95% of the prison population is men - 72% of them suffer from 2 or more mental disorders

Sources: Men's Health Forum and ONS

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