Julian Harrison is the latest to join b1oke's Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce Julian Harrison as the latest addition to what is shaping up as a very strong Advisory Board at b1oke.

Julian is an Author, Mental Health Activist and Equality and Diversity Specialist and was, for ten years, the Lead Officer for Community Cohesion, Equality, Diversity and Human Rights at Leicestershire County Council.

Julian is a regular speaker on mental health issues and has recently been interviewed by ITV, the BBC, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera. He has regularly been approached for expertise and commentary on mental health issues (particularly relating to experiences and coping strategies) during the Covid pandemic.

In 2016 Julian authored “A Year in Melancholia” (available on Amazon) which is a fantastic insight into living with mental illness. Its raw, honest and heart-warming account focuses on how he deals and lives with his conditions. Julian has been diagnosed with clinical depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and therefore has a personal as well as professional interest in addressing the stigma and discrimination that goes with mental illness.

Julian has worked in the worlds of academic research and sport and has a long-standing commitment to equality and social justice. He brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to b1oke as well as a deep understanding of community cohesion and equality and diversity.

Julian is another rugby league tragic and is looking forward to the league vs union debate with fellow board member Harry Ellis.

Welcome to b1oke!

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