James Hawes joins the Advisory Board

b1oke is thrilled to announce that James Hawes has joined the Advisory Board and brings vast experience and understanding to the cause.

James is a vastly experienced Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, Supervisor and Trainer with a particular interest and strength in men’s mental health. Over two decades, James has gained extensive experience in his field, helping hundreds of men, boys, couples, families and teenagers along the way.

James recently authored “The Secret Lives of Men” (available on amazon) which is a fantastic book written from professional and personal experience. The book is an insightful guide to inner feelings and how they can affect our day to day relationships.

He is an advocate of positive change and on a lifelong mission to impart people with the tools they need to cultivate a wide spectrum of emotional expression becoming emotionally fit as a result. James also runs highly successful workshops including his latest “Men, Intimacy and Shame” which explores men's relationship with intimacy and how shame via the male code restricts expression of tenderness, warmth and intimacy.

James brings vast professional experience to b1oke and will play a vital role in the growth and future direction of the organisation.

James a is a keen cyclist and is looking forward to riding with the rest of the team at b1oke once lock down has lifted

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