b1oke is proud to announce that Oadby Wyggs RUFC are our first Community Sports Club Partner

This new initiative will raise awareness and help remove the stigma of mental health by supporting all players, members and supporters of the club. It will start with online workshops for players and members that will increase their own understanding of mental health, give tops on how to have conversations that matter, how to spot signs of someone who is struggling and signposting professional help.

Oadby Wyggs player, junior coach and b1oke Advisory Board member Harry Ellis who is helping deliver and shape this programme had this to say, " I am delighted that Oadby Wyggs is joining forces with b1oke on this much needed and welcomed initiative, Men's mental health is in crisis mode and we need to everything we can to encourage men to speak about their feelings and get help when they need it".

The programme will soon be rolled by other rugby club s across the country and talks are already underway with football, cricket and golf clubs.

Phase 1

  • Run workshops on mental health awareness (online initially)

  • Provide posters and messaging for use around clubhouse, website etc

  • Signposting to existing support groups, professional help and crisis lines

Phase 2

  • We will work with club to identify volunteers to train as mental health champions*

  • We will work with the club on a club wide (including girls, women's and youth teams) approach to mental health

  • Train mental health champions*

  • Develop new resources and workshops to further develop champions and raise awareness

*Champions are people who have undertaken mental health awareness training and are able to hold conversations and spot potential issues.

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