b1oke are delighted to announce that Mandy Ferrand has joined the Advisory Board.

Mandy Ferrand is a vastly experienced Creative Director from the Fashion industry.

Mandy has had many leadership roles and has worked for, and with, some of the Largest Suppliers and World Class retailers ; Walmart-George @Asda Menswear , boyswear and Footwear. MAS intimates- Marks and Spencer’s, Victoria Secrets, Courtaulds -Gossard, Berlei and Pretty Polly.

Mandy is a passionate supporter of men’s mental health and suicide prevention following the tragic loss of her husband aged 45.

Mandy provides valuable insight into the programming and messaging of b1oke from a different viewpoint as a widow, wife and mother of young children of someone who tragically took their own life.

Welcome to b1oke Mandy and we look forward to your contribution.

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