welcome to b1oke

What you have done is often the hardest part, admitting that everything is not ok and its time to get some help. Well done. 

Please remember you are not alone and many men (and many around you) struggle with their mental health.  This is why we started this - we have all struggled at some point and many of us still do have challenges that we are living with. 

On this page are links to immediate help if are concerned about your safety or those around you, help with addiction, anger management, identify and much more. 

There are links to hear about other men who struggle with their own mental heath or you can visit b1okeTV to hear from us and our community. 



For immediate help

The Samaritans are an amazing that can help you right now - 24 hours a day


CALM also offer a 24 hour support service through phone, text or webchat. 


The NHS offer a 24 hour urgent support service to England.   

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SHOUT offer a 24/7 text service.  Text SHOUT to 85258 for immediate help.