Our mission:  b1oke’s mission is to end suicide among men.

Our vision:  Is to serve as a leading voice in education, research and awareness relating to men and mental health and to be the best-in-class provider of crisis and suicide prevention for men.




b1oke will provide information and signposting  aimed at men who are struggling with their mental health.   This will be done through the creation of an online resource centre, blogs, podcasts,  social media and more.


Podcasts will be begin in early Feb and will include special guests from all back grounds.   The What's

on page  is where you will find all the latest. 

Our blog page features regular contengt from leading experts on men's mental health as well as every day blokes who want to share their story. 

To follow us on social media and join pour dedicated private groups check out our contact page.



b1oke will connect and engage with men  through workshops, webinars, b1oke2b1oke and events dedicated to men's mental fitness. 

A series of regular themed workshops and webinars with special expert guests will be run fortnightly on Facebook through a dedicated private group. 

b1oke2b1oke is a programme that gets blokes speaking to blokes and once funding is secured will be rolled out. Stay tuned. 



b1oke is running a champions programme that is starting in sports clubs which will include a club wide information and awareness workshop,. This will be followed up by volunteers receiving accredited and bespoke training which will become the clubs mental health champions.  Regular follow up training and development will be carried out by b1oke.  This will be a FREE service to clubs. 

All trained b1oke mental health champions will be able to take part in our b1oke2b1oke programme that encourages men to reach out to one of our blokes if they feel they are not yet ready to  to take the next step.