As we all know only too well - b1okes don't like asking for help. So we go to the b1oke!  We have developed (alongside  our partners) a b1okechat programme that we bring to you. We build communities of b1okes that can help each other through conversations that raise awareness, education, sharing tips and that help remove existing stigmas. 

b1okechat works with further & higher educational Institutions, professional & amateur sporting clubs, workplaces, community centers and anywhere else where men gather.   An initial consultation will explore the best approach and desired outcomes and together we will tailor a plan that works for you. 

b1oke is working towards a 24 hour chat service manned by b1okes who have walked the walk - this will not be a crisis centre but will aimed at encouraging men to talk before they reach crisis mode! 


  89% of men who have attended a b1oke workshop feet that they are more likely to speak to someone if they are struggling with their own mental health

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