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What you have done is often the hardest part, admitting that everything is not ok and its time to get some help. Well done. 

Please remember you are not alone and many men (and many around you) struggle with their mental health.  This is why we started this - we have all struggled at some point and many of us still do have challenges that we are living with. 


Some tips to help overcome and prevent Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

Let’s get real: there are times in life when you’re going to feel overwhelmed. Whether it be with work, relationships, financial issues, becoming a dad, loss of a loved one, social obligations or just life in general, we all feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed at some point. It’s important to cut yourself some slack when you have these feelings. Try not to brush them off or push through whatever is causing you to feel anxious – your mental health matters and if you’re feeling the squeeze, understand and allow yourself to take a step back.

Without doubt the COVID-19 pandemic have made life more complicated, and it can be difficult to juggle all of your responsibilities at the same time.


Try some of these tips when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Take a deep breath and step away. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, a quick way to begin to alleviate those feelings is by doing breathing exercises. If the thing that’s overwhelming you is in front of you, try taking a step away from it to create some separation between you and whatever is making you feel this way. Deep breathing exercises are a great way to promote relaxation and lower your stress response. Need some breathing exercise guidance? CLICK HERE

  2. Create a “no” list. Protecting your time and space can help give you a sense of control over your schedule. If you don’t want to do something or have been dreading that virtual happy hour, don’t feel like you have to go. Replace the activities you don’t want to do with something that you’ll enjoy. Healthy boundaries are crucial for your wellbeing!

  3. Be kind to yourself. Remember that feeling overwhelmed is OK, especially now. It also helps to remember that feeling overwhelmed doesn’t have to last. Cut yourself some slack – if you don’t get to that chore or have to ask for an extension at work, you can. Your mental health should be a top priority.

  4. Ask for help from a loved one. Your social support network is there for you to lean on if you need to vent or talk things through. Reach out to a friend for a virtual chat or pick up the phone and call a family member.  Work out who is your A-Team and use it when you need to.

  5. Write it out. Writing down why you feel overwhelmed or anxious is another great way to help alleviate those feelings. It helps to do this unstructured – having a written stream of consciousness allows you to express yourself freely and getting those thoughts out of your head will be a relief.

Remember that the feelings you’re having are temporary and with the right coping mechanisms and support, you can take care of yourself when things feel overwhelming.


Some really useful tips and steps to help calm yourself down 


CALM also offer a 24 hour support service through phone, text or webchat. 


The NHS offer a 24 hour urgent support service to England.