b1oke will come into your school and kickstart conversations around male mental health, often focusing what it means to be a man today. 

We will work with institution to identify the best way to start this work and it is often running an open session with a member of b1oke sharing personal experiences and running an interactive session.  We will work with you to establish a support network and a programme of events/services that align with key times of the year when we experience the most challenges. 


We work with Year 11 right through to university and have even started running alumni programmes with universities.   


b1oke is also working on programmes to be delivered to Key Stage 2 & 3. 


Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, record numbers of students were reporting mental health problems. One particularly large survey of some 38,000 students conducted in 2018 found that more than one-fifth had a current mental health diagnosis.

the ONS’s findings are extremely troubling. Almost two-thirds (63%) of students reported a worsening of their wellbeing and mental health since the start of the autumn term last year.

Students were also disproportionately likely to have experienced loneliness during this period: 26% reported experiencing loneliness, compared to 8% among the adult population. This was particularly pronounced for students aged between 16 and 29, with 33% reporting that they felt lonely “often” or “always”.

ONS data March 2020

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Recent studies suggest that only 2 out of 7 students who are struggling with their mental health will speak to some one

  97% of attendees feel they have a better understanding and awareness of their own and others mental health