b1oke is run by b1okes we who have walked the walk of poor mental health.  All of us started this to help others but as it turns out is has massively helped each of us on our own journey. 

Our workshops are run by our experienced facilitators and backed up by volunteers.  This could be you - why not give help out your fellow man and at the same time learn more about yourself and your own journey. We need to show all men that it's ok to talk and that we are all in this together. 

The only way we can combat toxic masculinity and reshape what a man should be is by taking control and rewriting the narrative.   help us and join b1oke on this journey.  

  • Volunteer roles include:
  • Helping run workshops
  • take part in our b1okeTV videos
    take part in a podcast
  • become a social media champion
  • join our advisory board
  • help raise much needed funds