A gendered approach to men's mental health

One man every two hours takes his life in the UK

Thomas Joiner is an academic psychologist who dedicated his life's work to understanding suicide following his dad taking his own life.   He is now considered one the worlds leading thinkers on suicide and has the following theory;

"The desire to die by suicide comes with a sense of disconnection from others, and lack of belonging combined with a belief that one is a burden to others"

After much discussion and many conversations with blokes all around the world we felt this resonated with most if not all of them.

So that is our mission - b1oke is a community of like minded individuals that will:

  • INFORM - men on why the feel the way they, feel and what they can do about it

  • CONNECT  - men with other men who have been where they are and give a sense of belonging

  • ENHANCE - men's mental health and unburden them of many of their worries by providing a sense of purpose.


b1oke has devised a series of workshops that combine mental fitness and real life skills that can be delivered in varied formats.  

You are not alone!

We are in this together

and need your help

b1oke needs people like you to get

involved and help your mates. 

We are looking for the following:

  • Champions - to tell their stories, how they cope, triggers etc

  • Medical professionals with a passion for men's health

  • Passionate people to join our advisory board

  • Financial support